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Great weather for The Haunted Forest tonight. Rock Wall, Funnel Cakes, Cotton Candy… provided by Amusement Rentals by J&J.

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She is coming for you!

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MANY YEARS AGO, on the land that is now the haunted woods at Algonkian Regional Park, there was an elite boarding school for wealthy landowners’ children. The school was so remote that sometimes days or weeks passed and no one from outside the school grounds visited. The only one with access to the outside world was the caretaker who traveled to neighboring towns for supplies and mail. Legend has it that the caretaker had once traveled with a third-rate circus as a clown, but had been dismissed from that job because he secretly despised children, and was more likely to frighten them than make them laugh.  Bitter over being fired from his circus clown job, the caretaker took great pleasure in the terror he caused the students of the school where he soon found employment.  He was quick to punish any child who was found outside the walls of the school after the first school bell rang each morning. By road, the students’ dormitory was a half mile walk from the school building; however, there was a shortcut – a path through the dark forest. Most of the students took the path even though they heard strange noises and suffered an eerie feeling of being watched.  Their fear of the woods was less than their fear of being late to class and having to face punishment at the hands of the cruel caretaker. Several of the students had talked to the headmaster about finding dead, mutilated animals in the woods, near the caretaker’s house, but no one would listen.   One child even claimed to have seen a figure in a clown outfit torturing a cat in the woods.  It was assumed that the children made up these stories because they were angry about being punished for being in the woods without permission. Eventually, too many students complained to their parents about the evil caretaker.  After the parents forced the headmaster to fire the caretaker, students began to disappear. 13 children vanished before the school was closed down. A few years later, on Halloween night, a stray dog uncovered the shallow grave of 13 children – each skeleton was missing a bone. Many people have speculated that the missing bones bind the ghosts of the children to the shallow graves in which they are buried.

There was never enough evidence against the evil caretaker to charge him with a crime and he vanished soon after the discovery of the skeletons.  But locals claim they have seen  an eerie figure in a clown costume in the woods, watching them as they travel the path. Sometimes, they hear the high, blood-chilling laughter of children coming from the woods near where the bones were discovered. At night, the laughter turns into something else! Don’t take our word for it.  Take a walk through the Haunted Woods and find out for yourself.




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